Dave Simpson

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My name is Dave Simpson. I am an amateur artist and photographer. I work in oils. acrylics and watercolours, and also like trying out mixed media projects. I accept mainly commission work in all types of subject, including painting from photographs and interpreting and reproducing the work of well-known artists. My interests are Shropshire hills, nature, seascapes, and Japanese culture.

Richard Skilton

I have been drawing and painting all my life and have developed several different techniques, which make art accessible to a wide variety of people. My work includes original evocative pencil, pen and watercolours of the local buildings, churches and landscapes surrounding us in Shropshire, countryside animals and fish and intricate designs incorporating children’s names. These are available as originals, prints and cards.


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Leo Donaghy

I work and teach Chinese Brush painting. The oldest painting art form in the world. The work reflects the beauty of nature it’s insects, flowers, plants and landscape. Using simple brush strokes to speak volumes. The paintings are done on Xuan paper and mounted in a traditional style.20190210_172840

Debbie Williams


I am primarily inspired by colour and the concept of light on colours. Through my work, I explore combinations of colours, shades and tones using a variety of medium. In fact it is the variety of techniques, materials and tools with which that interest me. I work with enamels and metals to create unique pieces of jewellery and figures. I work with wool to create felted pictures. I work with glass to create leaded and copper foil stained glass pictures and sun catchers.

Kate Ferguson


As you might expect from someone who spent their childhood in Cornwall, my art is mostly inspired by nature, whether it be wildlife, the sea or a beautiful landscape. I am also known for my commission work as a pet portrait artist, which demands a keen eye to capture a pet’s true likeness and character. Much of my work displays detailed realism, particularly my paintings of animals and birds, however, I also like to adopt a looser style when the mood takes me. I work in acrylics, pastels or watercolour, choosing the medium I think will work best with my subject or vice versa.


Yvette Appleby

IMAG3088_1I work with found objects that have a history using them to create assemblages, dioramas and mosaics. I try to use objects that have a certain age and history and the more unusual the better. Old worn toys in particular can suggest various scenarios / dioramas and constructions. I use and collect old glass domes and cases and use old frames as ‘containers’ for my work. I also have a love and interest in natural history, bones and taxidermy which I also use in my work. I hope to place my work in a garden and add a mysterious element to the environment.



Julia Foggin (Mist Jewellery)

“Silversmithing is in my blood! Like my blacksmith ancestors, I love manipulating and forming metal. I beat silver into delicate, organic shapes adding freshwater pearls with irregular characteristics and colours to create unique, highly feminine pieces.”

Julia Foggin hails from Lancashire but is now based in Shropshire where she works from her beautiful workshop and gallery called MIST in the Ironbridge Gorge. At the Maws Craft Centre, she designs and makes her distinctive hammered silver jewellery, from tiny ear studs to intricately constructed statement pieces.

As well as producing readymade pieces, she welcomes commissions, so you can choose your own colours and styles. She also offers a wedding service making bespoke jewellery for brides and bridesmaids.

Julia has a degree in Graphic design. After working in the industry for several years the ‘smithing’ in her blood took root when she tried some silversmithing courses. Once trained she decided to make it her career and continues exploring and expanding her repertoire.



Andy Sylvester

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My work is concerned with figuration and the representation of the world. This takes the form of portraits. I am interested in composition and the way that colour, line, mark and texture can be used to evoke a narrative or emotion.

I am interested in the idea that paintings can be read and that they have layers of meaning once you begin to understand the references within them. My work often makes references to art history, literature, classicism and symbolism to bring an understanding of the personality or life experience of the sitter.

I work to commission to produce portraits. The painting is produced through a client consultation process to discuss how they want to be represented. Once ideas are agreed a photo shoot is arranged and the resulting images are then used in the studio to produce the work.

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