Having recently relocated from Lancashire, silversmith Julia Foggin is now fulfilling her dreams with a workshop and gallery at the Maws Craft Centre in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge. Under the name MIST Jewellery, she beats silver wire into organic shapes, such as stylised daisies and simplified butterflies, to create her distinctive hammered jewellery. She often combines these forms with freshwater pearls, using the irregular characteristics of the stones to compliment her unique style.



Jancis Vaughan

As a printmaker and visual artist, I use a variety of printmaking techniques as well as other visual media. My current work is inspired by how patterns in nature are reproduced in our culture, from mathematics to religion to the domestic. It is about time and our place in it, inheritance and the life cycle, and is in the form of screen prints, etchings, collagraphs and textiles.