The style of my work reflects various artistic influences, both painterly and graphic.Inks are what I typically paint with. They allow me to move fluidly between painting and drawing.
Printmaking is also becoming part of my creative arsenal. In particular, linocuts and drypoint etching. Subjects which manifest in my work the most include organic forms, the natural world, paraphernalia from by-gone eras and most notably, peacocks.


I came to live in Bridgnorth roughly 3 years ago following a serious Brain Aneurysm; I formerly painted scenes in the Lake District. I fell in love with Bridgnorth and have spent my recovery documenting the surrounding area. I have Original paintings, limited edition prints and greetings Cards that show the local area. I’m also very interested in creating sculptures from recycled products please, when you’re got a minute take a look at my Facebook site.


I am a printmaker and professional illustrator based in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire. I create artworks in lino print and mixed media as a series of art cards, limited edition prints and as surface pattern on a range of handmade paper lanterns. My art is inspired by wildlife and landscape heritage – I enjoy creating work that connects people with nature, wildlife and a sense of place.


Zoe Oakley is an artist that uses an extensive range of mediums, including acrylics, oils and pastels, for a colourful and defined approach for self-expression. Zoe works in a variety of styles which is often figurative incorporating dreams and otherworldly themes. Zoe has originals and prints for sale and is happy to take on commissions.


With every landscape painting , portrait or cityscape I try to capture elements of character or feeling, My landscape pieces I try to absorb the light or mood of a place, this dictates how I go onto paint /draw it. These can be small intimate pieces to larger epic scenes where the brushes get bigger and the movement quicker. I exhibit throughout the country and won the 2017 Peoples choice award at the Lichfield Art Prize for a portrait. I complete a lot of portrait and memorial pieces aside from my landscape work.



I’m probably best known for drawing other people’s dogs and cats, which I produce in either pastels, coloured pencils or watercolours. When I’m not working on pet commissions my art tends to reflect the natural world and is predominantly wildlife and seascapes. Being born and raised in Cornwall, I have a strong affinity with the sea and, although it’s an incredibly challenging subject, I am in my element when painting it. Unlike much of my animal art, I almost always paint seascapes in acrylics on canvas.