Gill Howard


Silver jewellery, and copper vessels, inspired by my previous career as a cell biologist in Cambridge. Now living and working in Shropshire, I design and make individual pieces.

Debbie Williams


I am primarily inspired by colour and the concept of light on colours. Through my work, I explore combinations of colours, shades and tones using a variety of medium. In fact it is the variety of techniques, materials and tools with which that interest me. I work with enamels and metals to create unique pieces of jewellery and figures. I work with wool to create felted pictures. I work with glass to create leaded and copper foil stained glass pictures and sun catchers.

Laura Grey


My jewellery is crafted from sparkling sterling silver with splashes of luxurious gold and gemstones. I design and make eclectic pieces for strong, free spirits who appreciate the beauty of nature and aren’t slaves to the latest trend. I am inspired by the surrounding Shropshire countryside and all things nature. My handmade jewellery is giftable and wearable for any occasion.

Sue Kilby

Sue began designing and making jewellery during her Fine Arts degree and was lucky enough to spend her final year at The Rhode Island School of Design. She believes that this dichotomy in her training, both in Southern France and North America drives the inspiration for her eclectic body of work. She explores the complex relationships between the organic, natural world and industrial materials used in metal work. ‘Petrifying’ the natural by casting tiny bramble leaves and the amorphous curling vines into the stricture of metal as in her Bramble Neckpiece and Medusa rings or domesticating the industrial by turning forged pencils with their sharpenings and miniaturised cutlery into wearable jewellery. As an artist Sue has exhibited internationally through various media, from a painting in The Royal Academy to an installation at the Palais de Beaux Arts, Toulouse and most excitingly, an original 4m sq. canvas mounted on a publicity board by the side of the French Autoroute.



Julia Foggin (Mist Jewellery)

“Silversmithing is in my blood! Like my blacksmith ancestors, I love manipulating and forming metal. I beat silver into delicate, organic shapes adding freshwater pearls with irregular characteristics and colours to create unique, highly feminine pieces.”

Julia Foggin hails from Lancashire but is now based in Shropshire where she works from her beautiful workshop and gallery called MIST in the Ironbridge Gorge. At the Maws Craft Centre, she designs and makes her distinctive hammered silver jewellery, from tiny ear studs to intricately constructed statement pieces.

As well as producing readymade pieces, she welcomes commissions, so you can choose your own colours and styles. She also offers a wedding service making bespoke jewellery for brides and bridesmaids.

Julia has a degree in Graphic design. After working in the industry for several years the ‘smithing’ in her blood took root when she tried some silversmithing courses. Once trained she decided to make it her career and continues exploring and expanding her repertoire.


Delny Fitrzyk

lythe hill view

My work is mainly inspired by travel and nature. Landscapes, views, flowers and trees are my most common subjects. Sometimes I am inspired by a small detail – the texture of bark, a shell or an interesting leaf. More recently I am enjoying working on local landscapes, dramatic skies and beautiful views. Initially, I like to use unpredictable media such as inks and dyes. I then use a variety of techniques to add detail from drawing and painting to collage and stitch. I am especially fond of free machine embroidery and use this in much the same ways as I draw.