Having recently relocated from Lancashire, silversmith Julia Foggin is now fulfilling her dreams with a workshop and gallery at the Maws Craft Centre in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge. Under the name MIST Jewellery, she beats silver wire into organic shapes, such as stylised daisies and simplified butterflies, to create her distinctive hammered jewellery. She often combines these forms with freshwater pearls, using the irregular characteristics of the stones to compliment her unique style.



Delny Fitrzyk

My work is mainly inspired by travel and nature. Landscapes, views, flowers and trees are my most common subjects. Sometimes I am inspired by a small detail – the texture of bark, a shell or an interesting leaf. Initially, I like to use unpredictable media such as inks and dyes. I then use a variety of techniques to add detail from drawing and painting to collage and stitch. I am especially fond of free machine embroidery and use this in much the same way as I draw.


Richard Bett

he contemporary range is rooted in a wide variety of traditional, solid jewellery making techniques including Mokume-Gane, a 17th century Japanese technique used for making decorative fittings for katana swords. Stiles, stone walls, recycled objects …natural and architectural features from the past and the present inform the collection. I use traditional skills and creative, unconventional approaches to produce a rich and varied body of work, such as narrative jewellery, that reflects the evolving and continually changing nature of the essence of my vision and designs. My work is in a constant process of re-evaluation and state of flux, like the canvasses in an artist’s studio and inspired by the detritus of the workbench.



Tom Asquith

Drawing inspiration from large spectrum of subjects including cell structures, historical military emblems, regalia and architectural forms that have both gothic and celtic influences, Tom produces award winning ranges of functional silverware and jewellery that explores pattern, line, repetition and geometry executed with precision and attention to detail. By exploring the application of surface decoration Tom hand makes each piece in his jewellery quarter workshop using a variety of techniques such as engraving, saw piercing and chasing adding gemstones and plating to create subtle hints of colour and create focal points for the eye.


Vanessa Miller

Vanessa is an independent jewellery designer-maker based in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter and is Alumni of and Artist in Residence at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham. Using a variety of techniques such as hand carved and modelled milliput that are cast in silver; embellishing silver with pure gold elements such as the ancient Korean technique of Keum Boo, and setting using a variety of semi-precious stones, Vanessa designs and makes unique silver jewellery. Her work ranges from small charm necklaces and earrings, to larger detailed pendants, brooches and rings; some with moving elements. Inspired by nature, the wonders of the world, holidays abroad and carefree, happy childhood memories, her work is designed with a smile in mind. Vanessa enjoys making one offs and working to commission.