Hazel Higham

Hazel Higham 1

My work is hand-thrown terracotta, I use a white tin glaze and decorate with freehand decoration using oxides and ceramic colours. I also use wax-resist. My pots are not expensive, I like to make pots people can afford to buy and to use. I mainly sell bowls, plates, jugs, tea cups and saucers, teapots etc. I have many people coming back to me saying how much they have enjoyed using their pots over the last 20 years.


Bridgnorth Sculpture Group


We are a group who meet on Thursday afternoons. We sculpt in wood and stone, but mainly in clay. We vary in age from the twenties to eighties, and are all learning new skills. Some of us have been professionally trained, some have been doing this sort of thing all their lives, and some are newcomers. Many also paint.

Delny Fitrzyk

lythe hill view

My work is mainly inspired by travel and nature. Landscapes, views, flowers and trees are my most common subjects. Sometimes I am inspired by a small detail – the texture of bark, a shell or an interesting leaf. More recently I am enjoying working on local landscapes, dramatic skies and beautiful views. Initially, I like to use unpredictable media such as inks and dyes. I then use a variety of techniques to add detail from drawing and painting to collage and stitch. I am especially fond of free machine embroidery and use this in much the same ways as I draw.