Andy Sylvester




My work is concerned with figuration and the representation of the world. This usually takes the form of portraits and still life paintings I am interested in composition and the way that colour, line, mark and texture can be used to evoke a narrative or emotion within an image. I work from photographic sources and all works are in acrylic. I can work to commission.

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Nicola Rowe



I create art that is playful & bright, organic and whimsical, inspired by nature yet guided by my inner feelings & emotions. Every painting I create is unique and captures personal moments in life expressed through the use of colour, shapes &  pattern. I create (most) of my art intuitively, meaning I don’t plan out beforehand how a piece will look, so every piece is spontaneous and unique. Available to purchase on the day will be original pieces of art, art prints and a selection of greeting cards featuring my artwork. I am also available for custom commissions. Please see my website for details.

Patrick Caines

IMG_5263This series of mixed media new works uses personal reference material as a backdrop and context for recent investigation. These contextual materials range between the geographical, geological, meteorological and historical to the satirical and metaphorical.

I have lived with my husband in Bridgnorth for over twenty five years having been a teacher of art and design in Stourbridge during most of this time. More recently after retiring I divide my time between several rewarding unpaid occupations and enjoy having the freedom to spend time developing my own work.

Leo Donaghy




My work technique is inspired by Chinese Brush painting. The present subject matter is the result of a trip to China last October. We were lucky to be there on the 70th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic if China. I have recently moved from painting on canvas to paper using different techniques. I am growing more fond of the decorative aspect of expression.