Yvette Appleby

My work is usually assembled pieces from found objects producing diverse and interesting finished pieces. I try to use objects that have a certain age and history and the more unusual the better. Old worn toys in particular can suggest various scenarios / dioramas and constructions. I use and collect old glass domes and cases and use old frames as ‘containers’ for my work. I also have a love and interest in natural history, bones and taxidermy which I also use in my work. I hope to place my work in a garden and add a mysterious element to the environment.

I have been shortlisted for the 2018 Royal Academy Exhibition.



Having recently relocated from Lancashire, silversmith Julia Foggin is now fulfilling her dreams with a workshop and gallery at the Maws Craft Centre in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge. Under the name MIST Jewellery, she beats silver wire into organic shapes, such as stylised daisies and simplified butterflies, to create her distinctive hammered jewellery. She often combines these forms with freshwater pearls, using the irregular characteristics of the stones to compliment her unique style.



Andy Sylvester

My work is concerned with figuration and the representation of the world. This can take the form of landscapes or portrait. I am interested in composition and the way that colour, line, mark and texture and can be used to evoke a narrative or emotion within an image. My work makes references to art history, literature, classicism and symbolism. I am interested in the idea that paintings can be read and provide layers of meaning once you begin to understand the references within them.

Keri Jones

My usual medium is watercolour although I will freely use Acrylic ink and other mediums within my painting if I feel they are needed. I normally paint landscapes, often in a semi abstract style. I find my greatest inspiration coming from the colours found in nature, although I may often exaggerate them. I love the way watercolour moves and reacts on the page when given the freedom to do so, although for an artist this can sometimes be a little unnerving!


Kaby Bitten

I specialise in creating high-end bespoke glass products using handmade glass. Inspiration for my work is drawn from the natural coastal habitat whilst holidaying, mainly in Wales, Devon and Cornwall. The erosion of sea formed pebbles, patterns of the sea surf, and the transparency created by glass like water covering the innumerable rock pools. My creations are widely recognised as having a unique, distinctive style, creating texture and layers drawn from personal stimulating photographic images. Many items have the inclusion of my own photographic decals fired into the glass, then slumped into handmade moulds created from the pebbles collected while exploring the seashore. Items I make include – Wall panels, Garden panels, Electric free standing or Wall lights, Tea light ‘wave’ shades, Jewellery, Dishes and Coasters. Commissions taken – I can create something just for you to suit your individual requirements.