Hazel Higham

Hazel Higham 1

My work is hand-thrown terracotta, I use a white tin glaze and decorate with freehand decoration using oxides and ceramic colours. I also use wax-resist. My pots are not expensive, I like to make pots people can afford to buy and to use. I mainly sell bowls, plates, jugs, tea cups and saucers, teapots etc. I have many people coming back to me saying how much they have enjoyed using their pots over the last 20 years.


Gill Howard


Silver jewellery, and copper vessels, inspired by my previous career as a cell biologist in Cambridge. Now living and working in Shropshire, I design and make individual pieces.

Pam Commander

nest 3

My work reflects my interest in the natural world. I use drawing to aid my understanding of a subject whether it is the complicated magic of a bird’s nest or the way a plant grows. I use these drawings to inform my paintings. I am currently working on a group inspired by 18th century ‘chinoiserie’ wallpaper based on common plants found on the verges of roads and paths.

Peter Keil


Peter Keil’s style was influenced by German expressionism. In the works from his early Berlin years, he mainly focused on typical big city settings and characters on the fringes of society. However, his style changed visibly at the beginning of the 60’s when he lived in Paris for a while and emerged in the city’s nightlife. Keil increasingly parted with his realistic approach and developed a new, much more spontaneous and dynamic painting style which he developed further during  his years in London and finally during his time as one of the “Berliner Neue Wilden” at the beginning of the 80s. Since then, the use of intensive to lurid colours and the absence of realistic representation have become characteristic of his painting style. In his paintings, the colour is applied with quick brushstrokes and occasionally with impasto techniques . Keil prefers to paint human figures, portraits, big city scenes, landscapes and still life images of flowers.

Charlotte Vale

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I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a 2:1 class degree in Fine art in 2009. My current series of works are aptly called ‘Go with the Flow’, using alcohol based inks and heat flow techniques to produce bright fresh and fascinatingly abstract images, each one totally individual. Concepts and certain subject matter concern me little when creating my artwork, my work is based solely around the medium that I use and its unpredictability, I love that I have little choice but to go with the flow letting natural factors semi control the result. I start each painting without expectations, watching how the inks spread, flowing and mixing together before i start to control and manipulate them into a final piece. I love how the colours interact together, the way they flow across the yupo paper quickly blending and forming shapes with minimal intervention. I’m particularly fascinated by the metallic inks and the way they form capillary lines around different pools of ink cementing the whole composition, framing shapes and giving the painting its structure. I enjoy the challenge of trying to control the inks movement using my hands, gravity my own breath or with mechanical intervention with a heatgun.

instagram – @cvv_art