Patrick Caines

IMG_5263This series of mixed media new works uses personal reference material as a backdrop and context for recent investigation. These contextual materials range between the geographical, geological, meteorological and historical to the satirical and metaphorical.

I have lived with my husband in Bridgnorth for over twenty five years having been a teacher of art and design in Stourbridge during most of this time. More recently after retiring I divide my time between several rewarding unpaid occupations and enjoy having the freedom to spend time developing my own work.

Claire Stamer

B1755582-9E64-49C3-83C2-22929389D2D3I am a mixed media artist working in 2D and 3D materials to create textural and colourful work. The artwork Is inspired by my life and travels and I like to create uplifting and energetic pieces from my home studio in Wolverhampton with an aim to put a smile on people’s faces. I am looking forward to meeting you in Bridgnorth and having the opportunity to be inspired by your own stories and life experience. If you enjoy the artwork and are interested in having a go at creating mixed media pieces yourself please ask me on the day or contact me via email.