Tania Holland

Tania Holland Gallery was established in 2008 in the Shropshire market town of Bridgnorth and relocated in 2016 to the historic Red House Glass Cone Museum and Craft Centre in Stourbridge. Tania offers an original collection of punny animal designs in the form of collage on canvas and mixed media sculpture. Each original “Wordplay Menagerie” design incorporates a second motif or theme that together create a visual pun and every piece includes a fictitious dictionary style definition of the pun that it represents.


Sandra Phillips

I paint in oils, acrylics, and use coloured pencils, I have a particular interest in sparrows and I am known as “the sparrow painter” I have now moved onto finches and enjoy the challenge of painting the sculptural shapes of teasels they feed on, I also paint woodland scenes and landscapes.


Phil Langstaff

For me photography is about curiosity. Capturing a splinter of space and time in a photographic image allows us to study the detail, the shape and form, the patterns and connections that otherwise we may have been oblivious to. I don’t use Photoshop and other than some cropping I don’t manipulate my photographs in any way. I prefer to capture and print the image as it appears using natural light, distortion through reflection, unusual angles and incongruous combinations of elements to stimulate new ways of looking at the world.