Delny Fitrzyk

lythe hill view

My work is mainly inspired by travel and nature. Landscapes, views, flowers and trees are my most common subjects. Sometimes I am inspired by a small detail – the texture of bark, a shell or an interesting leaf. More recently I am enjoying working on local landscapes, dramatic skies and beautiful views. Initially, I like to use unpredictable media such as inks and dyes. I then use a variety of techniques to add detail from drawing and painting to collage and stitch. I am especially fond of free machine embroidery and use this in much the same ways as I draw.

Elizabeth Wade

I have been making and teaching lacemaking since 1981. I specialise in bobbin lacemaking though I also do some needle lace. I do Torchon which is made in many countries and regarded as a good type for beginners. I also do Bedfordshire and Bucks Point which are traditional English laces  and have recently started to learn Milanese , which as its name suggests , is an Italian lace.

I use the traditional white and ecru thread but I also like to work in colour. I also like to do wall hanging, framed work and fans as well as the usual handkerchiefs.

 I was commissioned to write ”Torchon Lace a Manual of Techniques.” which was published in in 1991and has been in print ever since.

 My display will feature samples of a variety of laces and I will have a Torchon bookmark on my lace pillow to demonstrate the techniques which apply to all bobbin laces.


Chris Pugh

Chris Pugh is a self-taught artist who specialises in creating clay sculptures of famous (and infamous!) people. His work is guaranteed to bring a smile and a laugh to those who view it. Including TV and film stars through the ages, sports-people and politicians, with a few local faces thrown in for good measure. His work has brought widely varying requests from a range of fans as well as special commissions for TV companies including the Graham Norton Show. Each sculpture is painstakingly created by hand, measuring around 4-5 inches. Good things come in small packages! You can find him online by searching for Have a Nice Clay.


Facebook and twitter sites @HaveANiceClay

Martin Garrington


Medium Collage on canvas. Style semi impressionism.
Taken from my work (Venice Mask) .Original painting based on a market stall
display central Venice next to the Grand canal.
This collage started out as a re worked copy of the original in a cartoon genre.
However as work progressed light and shade added with extra detail, hence the
finished work .