Sue Kilby

Sue began designing and making jewellery during her Fine Arts degree and was lucky enough to spend her final year at The Rhode Island School of Design. She believes that this dichotomy in her training, both in Southern France and North America drives the inspiration for her eclectic body of work. She explores the complex relationships between the organic, natural world and industrial materials used in metal work. ‘Petrifying’ the natural by casting tiny bramble leaves and the amorphous curling vines into the stricture of metal as in her Bramble Neckpiece and Medusa rings or domesticating the industrial by turning forged pencils with their sharpenings and miniaturised cutlery into wearable jewellery. As an artist Sue has exhibited internationally through various media, from a painting in The Royal Academy to an installation at the Palais de Beaux Arts, Toulouse and most excitingly, an original 4m sq. canvas mounted on a publicity board by the side of the French Autoroute.