Nicola Rowe


I’m Nicola, a largely self-taught intuitive abstract artist. I create art that is playful, bright & organic, inspired by nature yet guided by my emotions & feelings. I create all of my art intuitively, meaning I never plan out beforehand how a piece will unfold, so every piece is unique and spontaneous. I use Acrylic Gouache paints (as I love their vibrancy and bold colour) alongside white & black ink pens on smooth watercolour paper and small deep edge canvases. I live and work in Shropshire, UK. I am open for 2019 commissions and my art is now available printed onto a wide variety of products in my online shop (see website link for details). I will also be offering a special discount off my commission rate via leaflets on the day of the Open House Art Exhibition – please see my website link for more details.